DETRITUS (Enough Records | enrmp346)

by Waste Disposal Machine

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Attack them with firebombs Fireworks and chunks of marble Smashed off department stores Banks and five-star hotels. Smashed glass and burning buildings Passers-by seeking refuge Burnt wrecakge, scenes of mayhem Rockets rain down from the skies. I'd rather die with dignity than bow my head down Slavery I'd rather die with dignity than bend my spine down Slavery Lined-up in slowly swelling ranks Dealing with similar demons People trapped, under siege Straggled from their cosy homes.
You stand in line waiting for the call no words, no thoughts, motionless You take the blow falling slowly down no words, no thoughts, motionless (no rewards) A de-programmed subject tabula rasa, the unconsciousness upon which new memories will never be re-programmed You turn your back logging off once more no words, no thoughts, motionless You shut your eyes bending your head down no words, no thoughts, motionless


"DETRITUS" is an industrial metal EP by Portuguese project Waste Disposal Machine. Signalling their comeback after 2 years in the studio. This EP is released on same date as their new album "DEBRIS", available through Thisco [Thisk.74]. This EP contains two tracks of the Debris album itself, along with previously unreleased remixes by TatsuMaki and Torsion, and a remix by Waste Disposal Machine for Mikroben Krieg's "Final Cut" album (also available on Thisco). Artwork by André Coelho as derivative work of photography by Miguel Silva.


released May 10, 2014

Enough Records | enmrp 346
Artwork by André Coelho



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